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Sustainable Cities - Primary

Primary School Workbook 

3 Hours - 3 Challenges - Beginner

Imagine a city with vertical gardens, indoor farms, renewable energy sources and sprawling green spaces in the heart of the city! With a big push for sustainability and environmental responsibility, our cities around the world are working hard to ensure that they are clean, green and environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Futures

Smart And Sustainable Cities

Local Opportunities

Understanding Your Users

Sustainability Strategy

Design Your Solution

Our Sustainable Cities workbook will see students learning about sustainable city design as they explore some of the eco-friendly initiatives being launched in cities around the world. From there, students will be looking at how they can redesign elements of their homes, schools and suburbs to implement some of these ideas to ensure they are clean, green and environmentally friendly. 

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Sustainability In Our Cities - Primary Program

Sustainability In Our Cities - Primary Program

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