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After working with teachers, students and industry partners all around the world, we've learnt a lot about how to prepare students for the workforce of the future. This is why we have started creating our free resources for educators, students and parents to access some of our top tips and tools from partners around the world.

Young Entrepreneur Starter Kit: 

Our top tips, tools and recommendations for young entrepreneurs looking to start building their businesses.

Our Top Augmented Reality Tools:

Our top picks for low/no cost augmented reality programs to use with your students in the classroom.

Student Starter Kit: 

Our top tips for students looking to set themselves apart as they prepare for the workforce of the future.

Technology For The Classroom: 

Our favourite technologies for boosting student engagement

in the 21st century


Regional Innovation Report: 

After working with thousands of students we put together a report to highlight the top issues our young people are worried about as well as how they hope to solve them.

Makerspace Technology: 

Looking to create your own mini makerspace to start ideating and creating? These are our top picks for low cost makerspace technologies. 

As well as having our own programs and content for learners to enjoy, we've also created a collection of our favourite free learning resources from our friends and partners around the world. These resources have been specially picked to focus on project-based learning and are a great way to continue engaging students. Here are some of our favourites. 


Free Lessons For Students Online

The wonderful humans at Scholastic have made a series of their lessons and educational resources available for primary and high school students for free! These online lessons run similar to a school lesson and will see students consuming content before completing a series of activities. This is a great way to engage students in their learning while they're at home. Another reason we love these resources are the diverse range of topics they cover.

Singapore Airlines

Innovation Challenge 

Whilst the Singapore Airlines Innovation Challenge ran in 2019, they now have a series of high-quality free resources and challenges available for free on their website for students around the world to build their skills as they innovate and create to redesign the airline industry. This is a great series of challenges to set students to building experience in project-based, cross-curricular learning while they're around home. 


Online Coding Lessons For Kids

Looking for interactive online learning for your kids? Look no further than Codemakers. Codemakers are a fantastic online platform that teaches primary school students to code in Minecraft. Students join a small class of up to four students with a teacher and through an online video the class complete a series of challenges together in a Minecraft world as they learn to code at the same time! Fun, engaging and exciting! 


TED Talks In Education

An offshoot of the regular TED Talks that are watched by people around the world, TED-Ed provides a series of videos and lessons targeted at students in primary and high school students. Everything is totally free and on the site, you'll find videos linked with quizzes, extension activities and research projects. A great way to inspire and educate your students on a range of real-world topics. 

Google AI Experiments

Engaging Low-Tech Challenges For Students

Google are doing some pretty exciting work when it comes to openly investigating how we use technology. A great example of this is the Google AI Experiments. This is an open-source initiative from google showcasing some of the interesting experiments and projects that Google has been working on. This is somewhat like the science experiments at home books but for the digital age and they are great for kids! 

Social Space

Articles And Videos On Social Innovation

Social Space is an online publication produced by our friends at Singapore Management University. This publication focusses on 'Social Innovation' and showcases some of the top stories, projects and initiatives happening in communities around the world. We love this resource as it gets learners thinking outside of the box and considering what they can do to make a difference in their local community.

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