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BOP Online Classes

Our BOP Online Classes are online workshops that will see primary and high school students from around the world connecting, collaborating and creating as they work on challenges ranging from the future of aviation to entrepreneurship, community leadership and more. With new workshops and programs added every week, we've got something for all learners.

Young lnnovators

Online After School Program


The Young Innovators after school program is a series of workshops for students interested in learning what it takes to design, create, and innovate. Our young people will work with an expert team of facilitators and will be challenged to bring their ideas to life through a range of topics. They can take their pick of the following sessions or choose them all!

The Future Of Work

High School 3rd August

Primary 5th August

Learn about the 100 jobs of the future and explore what it means to create your job. Would you be a fusionist, an off-world habitat designer, an aesthetician?


High School 24th August

Primary 26th August

Join us in learning all about sustainability, in the home, at school, and in our cities as we redesign our sustainable present and future.


High School 10th August

Primary 12th August

Watch your ideas take off! We will be designing an aircraft for the future of air travel and looking at exciting new additions you can make. We'd love to see onboard!

Future Foods

High School 31st August

Primary 2nd September

Consider the impact of the food industry and discover new, interesting, and creepy, menu items coming to a restaurant designed by you.

Smart Cities

High School 17th August

Primary 19th August

We will be looking at how we can use technology to create a truly smart and connected city. We explore everything from sensors to robots, transport, and more.

Zero Waste Mining

High School 7th September

Primary 9th September

Become curious citizens as we find ways to reduce the environmental impacts of mining using technology, sustainability and community.

How The Workshops Will Run

We've planned an action-packed range of online workshops for students over Inventors Week. These workshops are designed to be highly interactive and lots of fun for participants and work using three main tools. Here's how the workshops will run:

 Zoom Call

The workshop will be taking place via Zoom. Students will be connecting with our facilitators on a Zoom video call for the class.

Digital WhiteBoard

During the workshop, students will be sent a link to a free online whiteboarding tool. This will allow them to bring their ideas to life and receive guidance form the facilitators.

Slack Channel

Throughout the class, students will also be using a collaborative Slack channel as the facilitator shares resources, links, and videos for the students. 

All of the tools above are free, simple and easy to use and our facilitators will be available in the lead up to the class to help answer any technical support questions that you, or your students may have.

What You'll Need

We've got an action-packed program planned for the students and we ask that they have the following equipment ready before they join the class.

A Computer + Webcam + Charger

All students will need their own laptop/PC computer with a webcam and we recommend charging it during the class. 


We recommend all students completing the programs have a pair of headphones with a microphone.

A Notebook And Pen

We recommend students have some pen and paper nearby if they want to take physical notes or draw things on paper.

A Quiet Space With Strong Internet

Background noise is always distracting for others on a call and a strong internet connection is very important. 

Google Chrome Installed

We ask that all students install the Google Chrome browser on their device before joining the class.

Zoom Installed

This isn't a requirements, but we would highly recommend you download the free Zoom app on your device for improved experience. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions or want to find out more about these programs, please don't hesitate to leave a message below and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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