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Junior Community Leaders

After School Online Class With BOP Industries

Friday 1st May - 3:30pm - 5:00pm 

With a number of challenges facing our world today, one thing that we continue to see is the passion of young people wanting to find out how they can help make a difference in their local community. Our students today are truly passionate global citizens and now more than ever are looking at how they can connect and collaborate to help make life easier for those in their communities.

At A Glance

Date: 1st May, 2020

Time: 3:30pm - 5:00pm (Class Portal Opens At 3pm)

(Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Who:  Grade 3-6  Students 

Where: This Program Will Be Taking Place Online

Price: $30 Per Student

Our Junior Community Leaders online class has been designed to show primary school students how they can innovate and create to solve some of the challenges facing their local communities. In this session, students will be identifying issues faced by members of their communities and using design thinking skills to develop a solution for these community members.


From developing new ways for the elderly to connect with their families, to keeping kids connected when they’re at home, students will be collaborating, creating and designing to build new solutions and initiatives for their local communities. 

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Invite Your Friends!

Learning is always more fun with friends and if you have friends that are looking for something to do this holidays, we'd love for you to invite them as well. Make sure to copy the link below and share it on socials or with your friends.

How The Class Will Run

We're incredibly excited to be welcoming your students onto our online classes and we've got an exciting class planned for them. 24 hours before your class you will receive an email straight away with detailed instructions on how the class will run and how to get set up. Here is some information about how the class will run: 

Group Video Call

When it comes to completing the challenges, students will join a private video call to work with their 3-4 group members. Facilitators will be joining these calls to work with the students as they develop their ideas.

Online Collaboration Board

To complete their challenges students will be working with their group members on an online whiteboard to brainstorm ideas and present their solutions. This tool will open in their browser and will let them record ideas quickly and easily.

Online Communication Channel

Throughout the class, students will be using an online communication tool similar to a chat room. This is a team tool used to allow students to work with their group and contact facilitators.

All of the tools above are online and don't require students to download any software. Students will be able to do everything in one browser and we will have facilitators working with students to ensure they can use the tools easily throughout the program. 

What You'll Need

We've got an action-packed program planned for the students and we ask that they have the following equipment ready before they join the class.

A Computer + Webcam + Charger

All students will need their own laptop/PC computer with a webcam and we recommend charging it during the class. 


We recommend all students completing the programs have a pair of headphones with a microphone.

A Notebook And Pen

We recommend students have some pen and paper nearby if they want to take physical notes or draw things on paper.

A Quiet Space With Strong Internet

Background noise is always distracting for others on a call and a strong internet connection is very important. 

Google Chrome Installed

We ask that all students install the Google Chrome browser on their device before joining the class.

Zoom Installed

This isn't a requirements, but we would highly recommend you download the free Zoom app on your device for improved experience. 

Get Your Tickets

Junior Community Leaders Online Class
May 01, 3:30 PM GMT+10
Online Class
Our Junior Community Leaders online class will see students learning how they can build solutions to some of the challenges facing their communities.

Want to get involved? Make sure to get your tickets now before places sell out!

Looking For Other Programs?

This is just one of the many programs running for primary students this term. If you're looking for more classes to inspire and empower your young people, make sure to check out some of the programs we've got below.

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Junior Space Designers

- 1 Week Course - 

28th - 30th April | 3:30pm - 5:00pm

Our Junior Space Designers program will see students exploring the exciting advancements happening in the space race. With challenges ranging from designing spacecraft to carry 250 people for up to three months, to developing an understanding of how to design structures on foreign planets, this workshop has been designed to get students thinking big and developing their understanding of space travel and the science behind it.

$75 Per Student

Junior Inventors.png

Junior Inventors Lab

- 4 Week Course - 

2nd - 23rd May | 8:30am - 10:00am

The Junior Inventors program has been designed to get students coming together to create, design and learn as they design and build products, create businesses and pitch ideas ready to bring to life by the end of the program. With students learning about, and applying, engineering principles, branding and marketing strategies and business models, this is a hands on program designed to get students designing, building and creating. 

$100 Per Student

Junior Aviators.png

Junior Aviators

- 4 Week Course -

5th - 26th May | 3:30pm - 5:00pm

The aviation industry is going through unprecedented change at the moment and change that may just change the way we fly now and into the future. Our Junior Aviators program has been designed to get primary students exploring some of the innovations and changes currently taking place in the aviation industry and working on some of the exciting challenges and opportunities open to airlines. 

$100 Per Student

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