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Inventors Week

Designing, Creating and Inventing To Bring Our Ideas To Life

Monday 29th June - Saturday 4th July

Inventors Week has been designed to show students how they can design, create and invent from anywhere in the world as they learn how to design robots, build products, design apps and bring their ideas to life. 


As a collaboration between BOP Industries and Robotics Playground, Inventors week will feature online classes run over the course of the week for primary and high school students. 


With programs created by a team of passionate, young engineers, entrepreneurs, designers and teachers, these programs have been created to give students the opportunity to create in a fun and relaxed online environment. 


These classes have been designed for students wanting to learn how they can bring their big ideas to life. There is no prior experience needed, all we ask is that students are eager to learn.

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The Program


Each day we will be running classes around a new topic. We will be running a session for primary school students in the morning and a session for high school students in the afternoon. Here is the program for the week:

Monday - The Process Of Engineering

Monday 29th June, 2020

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an engineer? How did the engineers at SpaceX create the awesome SpaceX Dragon? What does it take to be able to design the 3D printing face shield to keep our doctors safe? It will be answered in this awesome session. 

Tuesday - Build A Business

Tuesday 30th June, 2020

Looking for something to keep you busy over your holidays? Have you ever considered starting a business? Our Business Builders session is designed to show young people how they can build and launch their own small business over their holidays.

Wednesday - Design A Product

Wednesday 1st July, 2020

How do we start with nothing and create a bicycle or a jet engine? The answer is being able to use Computer-aided design (CAD). CADing is a great example of utilising both creativity and critical thinking sides of the brain to create something awesome.

Thursday - Design An App

Thursday 2nd July, 2020

Have you ever had an idea for an app that you think could take the world by storm? Currently planning the next flappy bird? Or perhaps building a competitor for tiktok? Our App Designers program has been created to show students some of the essentials of app design as they design their own app.

Friday - Designing A Robot

Friday 3rd July, 2020

Everyone has heard of the curiosity rover, the robot that roams Mars, but how did all the different teams work together to create curiosity? Each team would have different focuses and it all has to come together in the end so how did they manage that? 

Saturday - Community Leaders

Saturday 4th July, 2020

Have you ever wanted to help someone in your local community? Our Community Leaders online workshop has been designed to show students how they can do exactly that as they develop a product or service to support people in their local community.



With such a wide array of programs for Inventors Week, we're giving you the option to book individual workshops, or book a week-long pass to get access to all workshops.

Single Ticket

$25 Per Student

Book to attend the sessions that interest you the most.

Junior Sessions

9-11am AEST Each Day 

High School Sessions

1-3pm AEST Each Day 

Week-Long Pass

$120 Per Student (Save $30) 

Get a week-long pass to every program in Inventors Week and save $30. 

Junior Sessions

9-11am AEST Each Day 

High School Sessions

1-3pm AEST Each Day 

The Schedule


We've planned a busy week of workshops for students in Inventors Week. All sessions for primary students will be taking place in the morning session, whilst high school sessions will be taking place in the afternoon. Here is the schedule for the week:  


9 - 11am AEST














1 - 3pm AEST

Build A Business

Grade 7-11

Design A Product

Grade 7-11



Grade 7-11



Grade 7-11

How The Workshops Will Run


We've planned an action-packed range of online workshops for students over Inventors Week. These workshops are designed to be highly interactive and lots of fun for participants and work using three main tools. Here's how the workshops will run:

 Zoom Call

The workshop will be taking place via Zoom. Students will be connecting with our facilitators on a Zoom video call for the class.

Digital WhiteBoard

During the workshop, students will be sent a link to a free online whiteboarding tool. This will allow them to bring their ideas to life and receive guidance form the facilitators.

Slack Channel

Throughout the class, students will also be using a collaborative Slack channel as the facilitator shares resources, links, and videos for the students. 

All of the tools above are free, simple and easy to use and our facilitators will be available in the lead up to the class to help answer any technical support questions that you, or your students may have.

About Our Team


BOP Industries and Robotics Playgroud are two leading Australia education companies. With our teams made up of passionate young engineers, entrepreneurs, designers and teachers, we have the pleasure of working with students across the country as they innovate, create and design.


We have collectively worked with over 50,000 students across the country in the past two years and pride ourselves on creating fun and engaging programs for students as they bring their ideas to life. 

BOP Industries

BOP Industries is a Brisbane based education company on a mission to inspire the next generation of digital creators. Working with primary and high school students in over 36 locations around the world, the BOP team love working with students to develop their 21st-century skills. 

With their pillars around STEM, entrepreneurship and innovation, the BOP team work to show students that young people can do amazing things at any age, from anywhere.

Robotics Playground

Robotics Playground is created and run by a team with a passion for both robotics and educating the next generation. We inspire young and new minds to delve into the world of robotics and STEM to realise their interests and potential.

We provide a diverse and inclusive learning environment where we invite people of any gender, learning ability or prior experience to come and learn/explore the world of robots and all things STEM.

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