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Designed Spaces - Primary

Primary School Program 

8 Hours - 4 Challenges - Beginner

The spaces we use to live, work, learn and play are constantly growing and adapting to keep up with our ever changing needs, wants and desires. One of the best ways to design a space however, is to ask the end users what they want their space to look like. In our ‘Designed Spaces’ program, students will be challenged to redesign a specific area in their home to see how they can make the space more enjoyable for them and their families when using the space. 

Spaces Around The World

Sustainability In Our Spaces

Mood Boarding 101

Connected Devices And Smart Spaces

Understanding Your User

Design Your Space 

Using design thinking skills, students will be thinking about the different purposes of the space before then looking at how they can incorporate sustainable elements into their design, as well as incorporating new and emerging technologies into the space. This is a great workbook for passionate and driven primary school students interested in design, technology and sustainability. 

Free Introduction Challenge

Before you get started, make sure to download and try our free intro challenge. This intro challenge will see you looking at innovations around the world in design. 

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Designed Spaces - Primary School Program

Designed Spaces - Primary School Program

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