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Over the past two years at BOP we have had the pleasure of working with over 40,000 students around the world. We've delivered a diverse range of programs to our students ranging from future cities to business leaders, innovation in aviation, community leaders and more.


We wanted to find a way to share these programs, challenges and resources with our community to help bring the learning out of the classroom and make it available to everyone. BOP Education is open to students and teachers and features a range of our favourite challenges and programs for you to complete at home!

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Primary Students 

Grade 4-6

Access our range of content designed for primary school students to develop their knowledge and build their capabilities. 

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Senior Students 

Grade 7-12

Access our range of content designed for high school school students to develop their knowledge and 21st century skills. 

Our BOP Live Classes are online workshops that will see primary and high school students from around the world innovating and creating in our online classroom with our BOP team. These online classes will see students collaborating and designing digitally as they work to develop innovative solutions to complex problems. With a range of topics and class times, we hope we can see your students in one of our classes soon.

Junior Aviators After School Program
Tue, May 12
Online Class
May 12, 3:30 PM GMT+10 – Jun 02, 5:00 PM GMT+10
Online Class
Our Junior Aviators program has been designed to get primary students exploring some of the innovations and changes currently taking place in the aviation industry and working on some of the exciting challenges and opportunities open to airlines.
Junior Aircraft Designers Online Class
Sat, Apr 25
Online Class
Apr 25, 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM GMT+10
Online Class
Our Junior Aircraft Design workshop will see students collaborating, planning and creating as they redesign the floor plan of an Airbus A350 aircraft for new extra long haul 19 hour flights.
The Future Of Space Travel - Online Class
Thu, Apr 23
Online Class
Apr 23, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM GMT+10
Online Class
With challenges ranging from designing spacecraft to carry 250 people for up to three months, to developing an understanding of how to designing structures on foreign planets, this workshop has been designed to get students thinking big and developing their understanding of space travel.
Inventors Lab After School Program
Sat, May 09
Online Class
May 09, 11:00 AM GMT+10 – May 30, 12:30 PM GMT+10
Online Class
The Inventors Lab has been designed to get students coming together to create, design and learn as they design and build products, create businesses and pitch ideas ready to bring to life by the end of the program.
Future Of Work After School Program
Wed, May 20
Online Class
May 20, 4:30 PM GMT+10 – Jun 17, 5:45 PM GMT+10
Online Class
Our Future Of Work online after school program has been designed to prepare students for the ever changing world of work. In this four week after school program students will be exploring emerging roles in the workforce as they learn how to start preparing for these jobs of the future.
Junior Future Of Transport After School Program
Thu, May 21
Online Class
May 21, 4:30 PM GMT+10 – Jun 11, 5:45 PM GMT+10
Online Class
From looking at electric vehicles to self-driving cars, emerging transport options and more, our Junior Future Of Transport program has been designed to get students thinking about how we move now and into the future.

BOP Digital Workbooks

We're always working to build new programs for our community and at the moment our team is working hard to convert our existing programs into a digital format for our online learners. Here are a few of our latest programs on offer on the platform. 

Designed Spaces

Primary + High School Program

Our Designed Spaces program has been designed to get students thinking about the spaces they use in their everyday lives and how these spaces have changed over time. Students will be learning about a range of topics from connected devices to sustainability, end-users, design thinking and more as they are challenged to redesign a problematic space around their home or their school.

City Of The Future

High School Program

Our world is developing faster now than ever before and our Cities Of The Future program aims to get students excited about all the possibilities that smart cities present to their citizens, whilst also considering the implications to different communities. This program will see students developing an understanding of a range of advanced technologies and how they can be used to redesign their city in the future.

The Reef Entrepreneurship Challenge

High School Program

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the world and is home to one of the biggest marine ecosystems on the planet. Unfortunately due to human actions, the reef is under immediate threat and our Reef Entrepreneurship Challenge aims to show students how they can help the reef and its surrounding communities through launching their own social enterprises. 

Sustainable Cities

Primary + High School Program

With an increase in technology in our cities, it’s important that we also incorporate sustainable practices to all we do as we focus to lead carbon neutral lives. The ‘Sustainability In Our Cities’ program will see students focusing on topics such as green spaces in cities, renewable energies, vertical gardens and indoor farms in our CBDs. Students will be looking at green design as they redesign buildings and other parts of the CBD to be clean, green and carbon neutral. 

Community Leaders

Primary School Program

Students completing our Community Leaders program will be learning how to be responsible community leaders as they work to develop products and initiatives to support the local community groups in their city. In this program students will be identifying issues they see around their city and building their skills to allow them to develop a product, service or initiative using design thinking frameworks.

Future Of Work

High School Program

Our ‘Future Of Work’ program aims to get students excited about the amazing opportunities available to them when it comes to the future of work. Looking at the 100 Jobs Of The Future report, students will be exploring roles that are expected to become available in the next 20-50 years. Students will then be defining job descriptions, building resumes and linking these roles to jobs that already exist today to demystify the fear surrounding the future of work.

Resource Store

If you're only looking for one or two resources, make sure to head to our resource store to see what we have on offer. With this option, you're able to purchase individual programs and download them as a PDF to work on. A great option if there is a specific program you're looking for. 

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